Safari Theme Cake

A quick look at how I made this cute safari theme cake.  Enjoy it!

Winter Hat Cookies

Is the winter making you cold? Warm up with these cookies :)

Ice Mask - sort of :)

I had so much fun making this funny video.  I ventured into making an isomalt mask with a mold made out of snow.  Well, what else is a sugar artist to do during a winter storm? .. have fun with it, thats for sure :)

Enjoy it!

Sugar Box

On this video, Chef Greeley shows you how to use cookie cutters and balloons to create beautiful sugar boxes with interesting shapes.  

Grab your favorite cookie cutter and join her now! 

Sugar Bowl & Cup - Part 1

In 2012, Chef Greeley watched scientists explain a weather phenomenon using balloons, the scientist applied heat to a balloon with water and surprisingly it didn't break.  Chef Greeley then applied this theory to hot isomalt and this technique was born.  

Grab a ballon and let her show you how to make a sugar box and cup!

Sugar Bowl & Cup - Part 2

Now that you know how to use balloons with isomalt, have fun making more beautiful and decorative sugar pieces.  And don't forget to share your own creations too! 

Shaping Technique

Want to know how Chef Greeley makes those beautiful edges to give your cakes that extra elegant touch? Watch this quick video and discover how she does it!

Chocolate Molds with Gelatin

Wow! making chocolate molds never got this easy! ... Now you can make unique chocolate pieces with gelatin! and the best part? ... you can remelt your mold and create a new one.  Check out this video and be amazed ;)


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